Anti-Aging Skin Care – Reality or Just Another Marketing Tactic?

Skin is the most visible and the largest organ of the body. As one gets older, the skin starts to show wrinkles and fine lines which are actually signs of reduced skin health. For people who are careful with their health and looks, this is a call for action. Skin constantly repairs itself from within, outer layers of skin are constantly scrapped off and new skin is revealed from beneath. This process is controlled primarily by a protein called Collagen. Collagen is the main building material of skin and it is responsible for the health of skin. In infants the process of skin rejuvenation proceeds at faster rates, that is why babies always have healthy and fresh skin. As one gets old, skin rejuvenation slows down and at a certain age the skin starts to show wrinkles and fine lines. Skin also develops dark spots due to slower production rate of Collagen.

Certain skin care products claim to have anti-aging effect on skin. Is this true or it’s just another baseless marketing tactic? Skin care cosmetic products and medications are part of the larger cosmetic medicine industry. There is an ever-increasing competition in this market. To rise above the competition, many manufacturers depend only on the marketing tactics rather than improving their products and delivering more value to customers. This creates a perplexing situation for the buyer; quality products become hard to distinguish from a pile of waste.

The term “anti-aging” quickly catches attention because of its seemingly mythical meaning. The term “anti-aging” is a pseudonym actually, it is used in marketing to attractively refer to a product that increases the rate of skin rejuvenation. These products were developed initially as medications for skin ailments. They work by increasing Collagen production, helping to remove dead skin and revealing healthy new skin. The efficacy of many such skin medications is tested and proven clinically. In fact some more potent compositions of these compounds are prescribed as medicine for patients suffering from skin problems by dermatologists.

These anti-aging medicines are based on alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA); a class of chemical compounds with proven medicinal value and harmlessness for human health. Skin care cosmetics which claim to have anti-aging effect are actually less potent variants of alpha-hydroxy acids based compounds. These have a decreased concentration to make their effects on skin less profound, and safe. An example of AHA based skin care products is VIVITÉ skin care range. It is one of the few products which can be used without prescription from doctors. Although “anti-aging” sounds like something fictional, these products do actually work by reversing the changes in skin which occur as results of aging.

As the products haven proven medicinal effects on skin, they are well suited for regular use for lasting results. Cosmetic products like VIVITÉ and a few other alpha-hydroxy acids based regimens are certified safe for everyday use, however higher potency products should not be used without a skin specialist’s prescription. Given their therapeutic benefits for skin in any age, they are good for all. In fact their regular use is recommended by dermatologists to keep skin healthy and rejuvenated.

Dermatitis Is One Of The Dog Health Skin Problems

Itching and scratching are symptoms of dog health skin problems. The dog goes through the pain staking scratching to rid their body of an itch and if the problem is medical, they keep itching to no avail. This disturbs you and the dog as the itching continues until proper treatments relieve the underlying problem. A skin problem varies from breed to breed and is known as pruritus. In most cases, creams or ointments relieve the itch. Then you must find out the cause of the dog health skin problems.

Dog Health Skin Problems and Environmental Dermatitis

To determine the cause of environmental dermatitis, a vet will ask questions about where the dog sleeps or plays and urinates. Then he will ask about what the dog likes to do like dig holes, swim in the pool or roll in the grass. After taking a full history of the dog, you can now start eliminating one thing at a time.

The skin condition might come from bacterial in the dirt, grass or swimming pool. Things affect dogs differently then they do us. Dogs with thick hair that tend to lack proper grooming become a growing ground for bacterial. In this instance, a small skin abrasion can become a breeding ground for infection. Moist eczema is the most common form of dermatitis in dogs as well as some plastic materials. The English bulldog is allergic to plastic for example, causing a skin condition. Environmental dermatitis takes time to pinpoint the exact cause because there are so many reasons for the reaction.

Dog Health Skin Problems and Nutritional Dermatitis

Improper nutrition results in nutritional dermatitis in your dog. If the dog food is not up to the standards of the daily-recommended values needed, it may affect the skin of the dog. Poor skin condition and dull looking coats can come from an improper diet. Sometimes the cheapest dog food does not have everything the dog needs in his or her diet.

You need to supply foods comparable to the top brands; this means looking and reading the label to ensure everything is supplied as well as the percentage of recommended dosages. If you do buy cheap dog food, you may need to supplement the diet with vitamins to ensure your dog’s health and prevention of nutritional dermatitis. Some important ingredients in dog food are fish or beef, lamb and poultry along with omega fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

Diagnosing the dog health skin problem before it becomes severe, serves not only the faithful companion, but also yourself. Proper care and nutrition play an important factor in the overall health of any pet and dogs included. You can help prevent dermatitis in your dog by limiting their play area and knowing what they are doing. You need to have control over their play area and daily activities. This all sounds like having a child and it is definitely the same with a few less worries. Dogs are a part of the family and will be faithful and loving if properly cared for.